How to Build an Empire with Online Software

People have looked for ways to quit their “day job” for almost as long as there have been jobs. The internet has made this dream more obtainable than any other time in history. This is illustrated by the growing number of millionaires making six figure incomes online. Some, like Pat Flynn are pulling in six figures a month. I am not going to tell you that this article will do that. But, it will show you how to build an empire with online software.

Find Software That Automates a Service

The demand for quality content is driving several new industries. One of these is offering software that allows automation or near full automation of content creation. You can find software that allows you to create eBook covers in minutes. Other tasks that software is readily available for includes; whiteboard animation, picture retouching, video editing, logo creation, and many more. Making money starts by identifying what type of service you enjoy and finding software that helps you provide it.


Create a Portfolio

Once you have your software in hand then it is time to find customers. I am going to burst your bubble a little here. You are not going to make thousands overnight. But, I can tell you from experience that you can quickly augment and/or replace your full time income (depending on your standard of living). For example, I used this method to make over $1600 my first month.

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